Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Getting late...late...further late...incredibly late and breaking all records

This morning, I took a very strong resolution that I would somehow make it earlier to office and definitely not as late as I have been going for the past few days...

I've been frustrated with my own excuses, and though some of my colleagues come as late as me sometimes, I still feel that I shouldn't be doing this. It's a personal conscience pricking routine that's been going on in my mind for 72 hours nonstop.

So, even though I had gotten up late today, I tried hard to fasten things up and finish getting ready quickly. Checking my time after brushing my teeth, pressing my clothes etc I found that I was running a bit later than my planned schedule. Trying not to get disheartened, I renewed my work with vigour only to find at the time of grabbing my breakfast that I was way past my plan...

And I had equaled my previous record of most delayed entry to the office so far.What an embarrassment!

Moral that I learned: Don't underestimate the power of "Time Taken to Complete a Chore". Hence go to sleep earlier and get up earlier.

Monday, 30 December 2013

Edge of the cliff 2013

So here we are at the edge of the huge and gigantic, ship-like 2013 cliff from where we're going to tumble onto the next year. Overcoming all 'odds', legends, myths and scares, we, the dwellers of this world brushed past the last day of 2012 which was believed by many as the day the world would end, and survived an entire year after it. Can you believe the same day a year ago, we were wondering what would happen if the world would really end? What if we never saw our near and dear ones again? With hurried confessions of love, and assurances given to little ones and friends alike not to be scared, we sailed through the narrow passageway between the two years.

And here we are, yet again, at the dawn of a new collection of 365 fresh days of hope, ambitions, choices, resolutions and possibly a lot of fun which you didn't get to encounter before, or a lot of goals that you didn't get to achieve before....

Is the best part of New Year's day, reliving the tradition of taking resolutions and accepting challenges with your friends? Or is it spending quality time with your family and assuring them you'll take care and be part of them just like you have been in the last year, or the year before? Or is it...trying for a higher goal of satisfying your own soul by taking up some personal, private resolution for the betterment of your life, career, or the world?

I think it's a collection of all this that makes New Year's day special for us all. Getting to meet long-time-no-see friends with this as an excuse, having a guaranteed holiday in your account, exchanging gifts and bunch of New Year cards signed by your closest of allies - all of this is what makes a special day. And don't we all want one more thing in common? To live a year that would have less sorrows in it than the one before...for (quoting Narnia) "we've nothing if not belief"...

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Fumblings and stumblings of a new blogger


For nearly three entire weeks, yours truly (me, by the way) who is a fairly new entrant into the blog world, kept writing posts and scanning page-views and 'google'ing all sorts of ways to promote my blog and gain some official followers. And today of all days, I happened to stumble upon the gigantic fact that I haven't added even the "follow" gadget for the blog on my webpage !

Brilliant. Just brilliant I say.

.... Anyway, it's time to stop wallowing in misery. I have added the follow option now, so kindly subscribe, my dearest readers.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Plans for Christmas

With Christmas and New Year around the corner, every person at her or his desk is going through different kinds of hurries and troubles :

Like some are undoubtedly wondering what gifts to buy for their brothers, sisters or nephews. My friend's got one of those cute, baby Santa dresses for a little relative.

Others are getting totally obsessed over what gifts they are going to receive on the other hand ! Ugly sweaters would simply not do, nor would a few candies.

A few priceless geniuses are wondering how best to escape early from work if they already don't have a holiday on the 25th, or rather, how best to phrase their leave letter so that the Bosses will overlook the teeny-tiny detail that they have already exhausted the year's permissible leaves in their account.

A few more, though working, are still managing to scrape by their schedules with enough time to plan the celebrations as well as enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Which of these categories do you belong in?  Also check out the new Christmas poll coming up.