Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Getting late...late...further late...incredibly late and breaking all records

This morning, I took a very strong resolution that I would somehow make it earlier to office and definitely not as late as I have been going for the past few days...

I've been frustrated with my own excuses, and though some of my colleagues come as late as me sometimes, I still feel that I shouldn't be doing this. It's a personal conscience pricking routine that's been going on in my mind for 72 hours nonstop.

So, even though I had gotten up late today, I tried hard to fasten things up and finish getting ready quickly. Checking my time after brushing my teeth, pressing my clothes etc I found that I was running a bit later than my planned schedule. Trying not to get disheartened, I renewed my work with vigour only to find at the time of grabbing my breakfast that I was way past my plan...

And I had equaled my previous record of most delayed entry to the office so far.What an embarrassment!

Moral that I learned: Don't underestimate the power of "Time Taken to Complete a Chore". Hence go to sleep earlier and get up earlier.

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