Monday, 30 December 2013

Edge of the cliff 2013

So here we are at the edge of the huge and gigantic, ship-like 2013 cliff from where we're going to tumble onto the next year. Overcoming all 'odds', legends, myths and scares, we, the dwellers of this world brushed past the last day of 2012 which was believed by many as the day the world would end, and survived an entire year after it. Can you believe the same day a year ago, we were wondering what would happen if the world would really end? What if we never saw our near and dear ones again? With hurried confessions of love, and assurances given to little ones and friends alike not to be scared, we sailed through the narrow passageway between the two years.

And here we are, yet again, at the dawn of a new collection of 365 fresh days of hope, ambitions, choices, resolutions and possibly a lot of fun which you didn't get to encounter before, or a lot of goals that you didn't get to achieve before....

Is the best part of New Year's day, reliving the tradition of taking resolutions and accepting challenges with your friends? Or is it spending quality time with your family and assuring them you'll take care and be part of them just like you have been in the last year, or the year before? Or is it...trying for a higher goal of satisfying your own soul by taking up some personal, private resolution for the betterment of your life, career, or the world?

I think it's a collection of all this that makes New Year's day special for us all. Getting to meet long-time-no-see friends with this as an excuse, having a guaranteed holiday in your account, exchanging gifts and bunch of New Year cards signed by your closest of allies - all of this is what makes a special day. And don't we all want one more thing in common? To live a year that would have less sorrows in it than the one before...for (quoting Narnia) "we've nothing if not belief"...

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Fumblings and stumblings of a new blogger


For nearly three entire weeks, yours truly (me, by the way) who is a fairly new entrant into the blog world, kept writing posts and scanning page-views and 'google'ing all sorts of ways to promote my blog and gain some official followers. And today of all days, I happened to stumble upon the gigantic fact that I haven't added even the "follow" gadget for the blog on my webpage !

Brilliant. Just brilliant I say.

.... Anyway, it's time to stop wallowing in misery. I have added the follow option now, so kindly subscribe, my dearest readers.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Plans for Christmas

With Christmas and New Year around the corner, every person at her or his desk is going through different kinds of hurries and troubles :

Like some are undoubtedly wondering what gifts to buy for their brothers, sisters or nephews. My friend's got one of those cute, baby Santa dresses for a little relative.

Others are getting totally obsessed over what gifts they are going to receive on the other hand ! Ugly sweaters would simply not do, nor would a few candies.

A few priceless geniuses are wondering how best to escape early from work if they already don't have a holiday on the 25th, or rather, how best to phrase their leave letter so that the Bosses will overlook the teeny-tiny detail that they have already exhausted the year's permissible leaves in their account.

A few more, though working, are still managing to scrape by their schedules with enough time to plan the celebrations as well as enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Which of these categories do you belong in?  Also check out the new Christmas poll coming up.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Select Quotes on Self-Confidence

I found myself at the bottom of the pit called diffidence. And I took it upon myself to gather some really good quotes to inspire yours truly as well as all of you out there. So here follows my tiny collection which I hope you'd find as uplifting as I did when I read them.

Confidence, like art, never comes from having all the answers; it comes from being open to all the questions.  - Earl Gray Stevens

 To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence. - Mark Twain

Confidence comes not from always being right but from NOT fearing to be wrong.  - Peter T. Mcintyre 

Don't let life discourage you; everyone who got where he IS had to begin where he WAS. - Richard L. Evans

Having once decided to achieve a certain task, achieve it at all costs of tedium and distaste. The gain in self-confidence of having accomplished a tiresome labor is immense. - Thomas A. Bennett

If you think you are beaten, you are; if you think that you dare not, you don't; if you'd like to win and you think you can't it's almost certain that you won't. If you think you'll lose, you've lost; for out in the world you'll find Success begins with a fellow's will- it's all in the state of mind. If you think that you are out-classed, you are; you've got to think high to rise; you've got to be sure of yourself before you can ever win a prize. Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or faster man; but sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can- Unknown

One important key to success is self confidence. An important key to self confidence is preparation. -Arthur Ashe

If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started. - Marcus Garvey

Tips for de-stressing at work

Check out this link that gives TEN great tips for de-stressing at work! Tips  :

Just moments ago I came across it and wanted to share it with you all.

Monday, 9 December 2013

The biggest Hurdle

Hello dear readers.

I've been assigned to a task (or rather I have taken it upon myself to do a particular new task) that is in a subject area completely new for me. Let me tell what I have learned about the topic so far in my past two days of researching it on the net - I know only what the topic heading means!!!

Yup. That's all.

I feel frustrated at the fact that how difficult it is to venture into a completely new war-field. But I guess the biggest hurdle is the one that you face at the beginning, in such cases - when you have absolutely no guidance and no idea how to proceed.

Hopefully it gets better with hard work and persistence and...patience (something I'm desperately trying to build up).

So, wish me luck. And I hope you, my readers, succeed in all your trying, new ventures.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Failures are Keys- if you let them be

My dear readers,

Hope your week is coming to a good end and you succeeded in your goals and tasks that you set apart. And if you faced a lot of failures on the way, and still are trying to figure out how to succeed, sitting frustrated with your luck in the process -

I know it is difficult to let go of your frustration at failures, but remember the famous quote "Failures are the stepping stones of success" ? It is completely true. So, if you have failed it's a fact to rejoice on and celebrate!

If someone in your team or one of your colleagues seems to have succeeded without tasting even a bit of failure, don't let that deter you from pursuing your goal or bring your spirits down. They either faced those failures before or they just haven't learned anything at all in their journey to so called "success". But you are going to; and hence develop more as a person and a professional.

At the end of it you'd know much more than you'd intended to. And if any similar problems or potential "failures" knock on your door in the future, you will know exactly how to handle them and emerge a WINNER!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Weather influences our Moods

Hello readers! How is the week going?

This morning as I stepped out of home to travel for my workplace, the weather was so pleasantly chilly with cool breeze whipping across my face. It wasn't so cold that I had to wish for a warmer place. It was just perfect - the sort of weather that could put a smile on your face and make you feel happy that you had come out of your confines.

And I realized that it was shaping my mood as to how I would start the day. Imagine if it was so sunny and blindingly bright that we were sweating like pigs and wishing we didn't have to go out like that? That would surely send us into a depressing mood, right?

And now as I write this post, though I wish I was outside once more and hanging out with friends in such a nice weather, still sitting in my cabin with a view of the beautiful scene on the other side of the window gives me peace.

Enjoy your day.

Baby blog turns a week old!!

Hey readers, my heartiest greetings to you!

I just became a regular blogger recently and my first ever blog Work and Life has completed its first week successfully! THANKS to you all, I felt very much encouraged by your visits to my posts and the comments some of you dropped to my profile and posts .

So keep looking for more interesting stuff, and have a really great start to the first week of December !

Friday, 29 November 2013

The joy of Friday - subdued but still Uplifting

Hey you all...

hope you had a fruitful week of work and are ready to have a blast this weekend!

As soon as Friday evening dawned for me, my joy for the weekend mildly diminished because of the fact that I had to come to work in order to perform an urgent task that could not be postponed.

But nevertheless, somehow the fact that Friday had come to an end was enough in itself to cheer me up. I have no idea how. Is that how the human mind has been trained? Or was it simply because I knew that my Sunday wasn't going to be eaten up as well?

Well whatever the answer is, here I am. At my workplace. Trying to perform my task and sharing the oddity of the situation with you all.

It's not as bad as I thought it would be. But I wish I get this over with to have a good amount of time remaining to pursue my other activities and hobbies waiting for me...

Have a great Saturday!!!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Conflicting nature of Work

Hi readers...How's your day going?

I have just been presented with a conflicting situation and I have no idea how to resolve it. Right now, I NEED to do a task that involves not a huge amount of brain work but more amount of patience. It is more of a routine job that just has to be done and gotten over with.

And there is ANOTHER task that I desperately WANT to do - which involves actual learning and brain work on my part. But this is not as 'urgent' as my first task. And obviously I can't do some kind of parallel tasking since both require my complete concentration.

If I choose task 1, my soul will keep weeping for the rest of the day.
And if I pick task 2, my Bosses will make me weep for not having completed what was dutifully required from me for procedures' sake.

I just feel like pulling my hair....

The wonderful side-effects of 'Snacking' !

Remember my previous post where I'd told you all that I had refilled my snack counter by buying snacks at my workplace?

Well! I wasn't the only one apparently!

As soon as word got out that I had some really munch-able items on my desk, the people around me took out their own secret stash to reveal their collections to me and everyone else! I was almost laughing. So is this what we do behind others' backs :D

So, finally, we collected an assortment of sweets, cookies and chips and had a mini unofficial party as everyone huddled around and ate together, before going back to our respective tasks.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

'Snacking' and Working !

There are a lot of factors that boost our enthusiasm to perform the day's tasks or goals at our workplace. First and foremost is the quality of work you have in your hands. Having a task that is challenging and overlapping with your area of interest is one of the most splendid factors that can give you satisfaction at work.

Another factor that could boost your spirit is having some nice, good smelling, oh so scrumptious snacks around that can take away or distract you from the "pressure" aspect of your work.

So, here I am, having some interesting tasks set ahead for the day, along with my just now refilled stock of CHIPS and CHOCOLATE cookies! Ah, they are just mouth watering.

What are you waiting for? Go get some snacks of your own choice and enjoy working in their company!

Inspirational quote for the day

Whether you're starting your day right now or curling under your soft blankets at the end of your day, this quote must surely appeal to you -

'Throw out an ALARMING alarm clock. If the ring is loud and strident, you're waking up to instant stress. You shouldn't be bullied out of bed, just reminded that it's time to start your day.' - Sharon Gold

CLASH with my arrogant colleague YET AGAIN

Have you ever wondered how much a single person can send you into a fit of real frustration and rage within a matter of two days?

Trust my arrogant colleague who I mentioned in  my previous post, to surprise you. He has been really tempting me to lose my temper in a BIG WAY the last few hours.

And how is it, that your brain chalks up an idea really good, but when you say it no one pays attention. But the moment the very same words emerge out of HIS 'royal' mouth, suddenly everyone's worshiping him and saying, "Yeah, you're right. What a great idea!"

I mean, how pathetic can he get stealing ideas, and look at my fate that HE's the one who gets all the credit! temper is on the verge of exploding on his face some day very soon.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Saying "Hi" goes a long way

How many of us greet those who sit nearby our cabins or cubicles even though we may not be the best of friends or something, when we enter the office in the morning?

Not many of us, including me. Sometimes when I have a bad mood right from the moment of waking up I don't feel like greeting anyone or even looking at others while I enter the office...

But sometimes, pepping yourself up into a mildly enthusiastic mood even though you may not feel like it, and greeting your coworkers with a smile might go a long way in making really good friends...

Why, it may even turn out that you may at one point forget to greet or be too busy with your inner thoughts, but the person you greeted a week ago, would turn around to greet you and welcome you with a smile.

Sounds like a good start to a weekday?

I think I'll try it for a few days without losing hope, and get back to you with the results in my subsequent posts...

My Horrible ex-Boss

Some people who hold higher level positions not only know their responsibilities to the organization but also know that they have to lead the people who work under them and look up to them.

One of my previous bosses was either not one such person, or he simply did not feel the need to be like that in my case. Nevertheless, what vexed me the most while I worked under him, was the complete lack of interest he showed in what I had done and instead only focused in pin-pointing what I had not accomplished.

People think that they are doing the right thing by criticizing as it would enable the progress of the individual and keep him or her on their toes. But what they don't realize is that the more they tend towards only criticizing but never appreciating or encouraging what has been done by the individual, the more he or she gets discouraged and demotivated.

Another thing people neglect is this glaring fact - As a leader or a Head it is not just your responsibility to pin-point your junior's fault but also to guide him or her to the right way, since obviously you are the more experienced person.

This was another thing my ex-boss was an expert in not doing.

I just hope I don't repeat any of his mistakes when, if one day, I happen to lead a group of people.

Inpiring quotes for the day

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all."
- Oscar Wilde
“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
- Oscar Wilde - See more at:
To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
- Oscar Wilde - See more at:
To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
- Oscar Wilde - See more at:

Radish Radish everywhere in the Cabin

So here's my update on what's happening today at work...

I usually eat at my table and only occasionally go out to have lunch, mainly because there are not many staff to hang out with. You can count the number of my immediate colleagues in a few fingers.

And today I had brought cooked radish. As soon as I opened my box the smell filled the whole cabin where we all sit and work ! I felt really embarrassed. But then I was so hungry that I stopped caring and started to devour it.

It's a miracle no one has come up to me yet and complained (or demanded a share) - take your pick. :)

So what's cooking, er, happening at your end...?

Importance of Exercising

My dear fellow women out there...How are you doing?

If you say you've been sitting at the same place at your work desk, or if you haven't moved an inch outside of your cubicle except to get water or to visit the washroom,


Try to get yourself out of your chair, move about the building, start strolling in the corridors, and hey if you want to look "busy" doing just walking - take out your phone and call someone!

It would most definitely give you a nice break.

If, unfortunately you fall among the unfortunates (like me sometimes), and happen to have ZERO cash in your mobile, don't you worry. Just admire the scenic view outside as you walk around...

Which exactly is what I am going to do right now...

Monday, 25 November 2013

Choose your Pick - Office timings

Is it better to let employees come quite early even though they may not have rested completely, and got enough sleep as they'd have liked to, and have them work?...OR is it better to let employees have freedom  and flexibility with respect to reporting times at workplace, but have them rested enough so they can contribute with maximum efficiency?

A lot many times people are unable to fall asleep before its late at night, and hence can't get up as early as the office demands. And sometimes, a well rested efficient person can do a 10 hour job in 6 hours, whereas a sleep deprived employee though he/she shows up on time, will take 12 hours to complete the same job....

Think about this and give me your comments...

Also, I am starting a poll soon so you can choose which you'd prefer in your own workplace - Working and reporting on time, or having flexible timings.

Too busy to Cut your Nails ??!

Greetings ladies and girls.

 I am not writing this post because I have become too busy to cut my nails, but because I have become too LAZY to cut the nails in my fingers!!!!!

I am not one of those people who grow their nails because they want to, but one of those who are so lazy that they couldn't care less even if those nails grew gigantically. Yes I can almost measure them close to a centimetre.

But the reason I realized it was really high time to cut these was when I accidentally hurt myself today, near my eyes because of them...And if you didn't already know, let me tell you. Facial skin is around 10 times more delicate than skin elsewhere.

So, that's it folks. Take my trouble as your lesson, and don't get too busy working and satisfying everyone around you at work and home, that you become too busy or forgetful TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF !!

Who else hates Frequent Documenting?

What's up, fellow women out there?

From  my side- things are not as bright and shiny...because I am about to do something that I ABSOLUTELY HATE.

Documenting things that we do at work now and then for our seniors and Bosses to review is fine. And I know I must agree that it is very much required for work to progress.

But come on, documenting and generating reports EVERY 2-3 days??????

Please my fellow working women and girls...I am ready to receive some heartfelt sympathy here! Even if you can't move your fingers to type in a comment, at least PRAY for me :)

As an after thought...maybe it's good for me in the long run if I regularly document my work. But why don't I find any fun while doing that? Any advice regarding this, do share with me girls...

To Join and Post

Dear girls and women ,

If mere commenting is not what you want to do, and instead, you'd like to become a Blog member and post your experiences about work and life,

send your email to

YourFriend93 is at your service....

My horrid start to a Monday

Okay girls....

So come Monday, all of us hate to get out of bed right?

But I thought there couldn't be a better reason to hate this day...I was wrong.

Half an hour into my work, I got this complete refusal from my brain to focus on anything except my desk where I could lay down my pounding forehead. No matter how hard I tried!
And believe me, I did...

Here's my confession- I'm not a coffee person. I never take it unless I am DYING of headache or something extreme...So imagine my plight if I had had to get myself an expresso (black coffee) and drink it even though THE STOCK OF SUGAR HAD GONE EMPTY!!!

As though, that wasn't enough, I break my head over preparing for an impending meeting for two whole hours, but a colleague of mine drops in at the last minute and gets EQUAL credit!!!!!!

Life certainly sucks sometimes......
The only highlight of my day so far- this blog!!!! So please join in and make it more pleasant, girls....

Hello friends!

Greetings, my fellow women out there....

I just had a lot of thoughts pouring into me today at work - like getting frustrated, fighting my sleep deprived brain that was simply refusing to focus, getting the urge to smack an arrogant colleague in the head etc. etc....

And unfortunately the number of female staff here is quite less, and I just HAD to get people to share my thoughts with and listen to their own stuff.... there is nothing better to ease the mind than to find company in happiness / misery.....right?


No need to mention who you are or where you live or work...

but feel completely free to let the girl in you OPEN UP, share your thoughts no matter how you feel - silly/ angry/ happy/sad anything!

Post your views and experiences, and let the rest of us know what goes on through your day..........

Take this blog as a place where you can make other working women friends (even though we may not know each other yet), and hey, what better place to start than meeting each other from various parts of the world online?

So start posting! And enjoy!