Friday, 6 December 2013

Failures are Keys- if you let them be

My dear readers,

Hope your week is coming to a good end and you succeeded in your goals and tasks that you set apart. And if you faced a lot of failures on the way, and still are trying to figure out how to succeed, sitting frustrated with your luck in the process -

I know it is difficult to let go of your frustration at failures, but remember the famous quote "Failures are the stepping stones of success" ? It is completely true. So, if you have failed it's a fact to rejoice on and celebrate!

If someone in your team or one of your colleagues seems to have succeeded without tasting even a bit of failure, don't let that deter you from pursuing your goal or bring your spirits down. They either faced those failures before or they just haven't learned anything at all in their journey to so called "success". But you are going to; and hence develop more as a person and a professional.

At the end of it you'd know much more than you'd intended to. And if any similar problems or potential "failures" knock on your door in the future, you will know exactly how to handle them and emerge a WINNER!


  1. Hi .. i lost my hope after fighting for more than an year.. I don feel comfortable to work.. Often insulted.. Begging for approvals.. Waiting for approvals till 12. Finally my task getting rejected... I became uninterested.. Every minute is like hell.. Fear about future... Everything is roaming inside my mind and finally shouting at my parents for silly reasons.. Just days are passing.. No improvements.. I'm getting a thought to throw or break something... Today i was unable to explain what i did... i don even remember what the architect asked and what i replied back...

  2. From what you say, it looks you are totally unhappy with your work environment. And that it is affecting your personal life also, not just your career interest.

    Have you thought of changing your job?