Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Plans for Christmas

With Christmas and New Year around the corner, every person at her or his desk is going through different kinds of hurries and troubles :

Like some are undoubtedly wondering what gifts to buy for their brothers, sisters or nephews. My friend's got one of those cute, baby Santa dresses for a little relative.

Others are getting totally obsessed over what gifts they are going to receive on the other hand ! Ugly sweaters would simply not do, nor would a few candies.

A few priceless geniuses are wondering how best to escape early from work if they already don't have a holiday on the 25th, or rather, how best to phrase their leave letter so that the Bosses will overlook the teeny-tiny detail that they have already exhausted the year's permissible leaves in their account.

A few more, though working, are still managing to scrape by their schedules with enough time to plan the celebrations as well as enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Which of these categories do you belong in?  Also check out the new Christmas poll coming up.

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