Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Weather influences our Moods

Hello readers! How is the week going?

This morning as I stepped out of home to travel for my workplace, the weather was so pleasantly chilly with cool breeze whipping across my face. It wasn't so cold that I had to wish for a warmer place. It was just perfect - the sort of weather that could put a smile on your face and make you feel happy that you had come out of your confines.

And I realized that it was shaping my mood as to how I would start the day. Imagine if it was so sunny and blindingly bright that we were sweating like pigs and wishing we didn't have to go out like that? That would surely send us into a depressing mood, right?

And now as I write this post, though I wish I was outside once more and hanging out with friends in such a nice weather, still sitting in my cabin with a view of the beautiful scene on the other side of the window gives me peace.

Enjoy your day.

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