Monday, 9 December 2013

The biggest Hurdle

Hello dear readers.

I've been assigned to a task (or rather I have taken it upon myself to do a particular new task) that is in a subject area completely new for me. Let me tell what I have learned about the topic so far in my past two days of researching it on the net - I know only what the topic heading means!!!

Yup. That's all.

I feel frustrated at the fact that how difficult it is to venture into a completely new war-field. But I guess the biggest hurdle is the one that you face at the beginning, in such cases - when you have absolutely no guidance and no idea how to proceed.

Hopefully it gets better with hard work and persistence and...patience (something I'm desperately trying to build up).

So, wish me luck. And I hope you, my readers, succeed in all your trying, new ventures.


  1. Keep on trying.. You l get what you want.. Good luck...

    1. Thanks for the wishes! Still trying, trying, trying, trying, trying.....