Monday, 25 November 2013

Choose your Pick - Office timings

Is it better to let employees come quite early even though they may not have rested completely, and got enough sleep as they'd have liked to, and have them work?...OR is it better to let employees have freedom  and flexibility with respect to reporting times at workplace, but have them rested enough so they can contribute with maximum efficiency?

A lot many times people are unable to fall asleep before its late at night, and hence can't get up as early as the office demands. And sometimes, a well rested efficient person can do a 10 hour job in 6 hours, whereas a sleep deprived employee though he/she shows up on time, will take 12 hours to complete the same job....

Think about this and give me your comments...

Also, I am starting a poll soon so you can choose which you'd prefer in your own workplace - Working and reporting on time, or having flexible timings.


  1. We don't have particular timing. The thing is we should be work for 9 hours. Some days we will have client calls in the night and hence we stay late. Some times we wont have that. We will come earlier and will leave earlier. If we come on weekends for any emergency issues, we can take comp off on weekdays. Flexible will be a better option i hope...

  2. This is good I guess...working longer only when there is real emergency. As of now it is something similar in my case. The working hours are fixed but if there is something urgent we would have to work even after going home. But if it not hectic, we can leave a little early.