Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Saying "Hi" goes a long way

How many of us greet those who sit nearby our cabins or cubicles even though we may not be the best of friends or something, when we enter the office in the morning?

Not many of us, including me. Sometimes when I have a bad mood right from the moment of waking up I don't feel like greeting anyone or even looking at others while I enter the office...

But sometimes, pepping yourself up into a mildly enthusiastic mood even though you may not feel like it, and greeting your coworkers with a smile might go a long way in making really good friends...

Why, it may even turn out that you may at one point forget to greet or be too busy with your inner thoughts, but the person you greeted a week ago, would turn around to greet you and welcome you with a smile.

Sounds like a good start to a weekday?

I think I'll try it for a few days without losing hope, and get back to you with the results in my subsequent posts...


  1. I use to wave my hands at very few persons.. I have never said hi or good morning before unless otherwise someone says hi .. I will start to do this hereafter..It's a good idea to create friendliness between team members... Thank you so much for such a great suggestion..

  2. My Results !!

    So, I went ahead with what I had promised and I started greeting people regularly. And look what I found. Today as soon as I waved and mouthed HI at a couple of colleagues of mine, they got this huge friendly grin on their faces!
    We aren't best friends or anything, and I don't even believe we have common interests. But I think it will enable a friendly and comfortable working atmosphere to develop between us... Let's hope for the best readers!