Tuesday, 26 November 2013

My Horrible ex-Boss

Some people who hold higher level positions not only know their responsibilities to the organization but also know that they have to lead the people who work under them and look up to them.

One of my previous bosses was either not one such person, or he simply did not feel the need to be like that in my case. Nevertheless, what vexed me the most while I worked under him, was the complete lack of interest he showed in what I had done and instead only focused in pin-pointing what I had not accomplished.

People think that they are doing the right thing by criticizing as it would enable the progress of the individual and keep him or her on their toes. But what they don't realize is that the more they tend towards only criticizing but never appreciating or encouraging what has been done by the individual, the more he or she gets discouraged and demotivated.

Another thing people neglect is this glaring fact - As a leader or a Head it is not just your responsibility to pin-point your junior's fault but also to guide him or her to the right way, since obviously you are the more experienced person.

This was another thing my ex-boss was an expert in not doing.

I just hope I don't repeat any of his mistakes when, if one day, I happen to lead a group of people.

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  1. They are leeches.. I din't find any other words to describe. My entire team(inc manager) is having a discussion with the topic 'How to make delivery manager understand our situations and troubles?'... Everyone of us have our own plans to escape from this project.. Even my manager is suffering.. She is of 10yrs experience. She joined this project before 10 months.. She lost her interest in working now. She got hypertension now.....