Monday, 25 November 2013

Too busy to Cut your Nails ??!

Greetings ladies and girls.

 I am not writing this post because I have become too busy to cut my nails, but because I have become too LAZY to cut the nails in my fingers!!!!!

I am not one of those people who grow their nails because they want to, but one of those who are so lazy that they couldn't care less even if those nails grew gigantically. Yes I can almost measure them close to a centimetre.

But the reason I realized it was really high time to cut these was when I accidentally hurt myself today, near my eyes because of them...And if you didn't already know, let me tell you. Facial skin is around 10 times more delicate than skin elsewhere.

So, that's it folks. Take my trouble as your lesson, and don't get too busy working and satisfying everyone around you at work and home, that you become too busy or forgetful TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF !!

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