Monday, 25 November 2013

Who else hates Frequent Documenting?

What's up, fellow women out there?

From  my side- things are not as bright and shiny...because I am about to do something that I ABSOLUTELY HATE.

Documenting things that we do at work now and then for our seniors and Bosses to review is fine. And I know I must agree that it is very much required for work to progress.

But come on, documenting and generating reports EVERY 2-3 days??????

Please my fellow working women and girls...I am ready to receive some heartfelt sympathy here! Even if you can't move your fingers to type in a comment, at least PRAY for me :)

As an after thought...maybe it's good for me in the long run if I regularly document my work. But why don't I find any fun while doing that? Any advice regarding this, do share with me girls...

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