Wednesday, 27 November 2013

CLASH with my arrogant colleague YET AGAIN

Have you ever wondered how much a single person can send you into a fit of real frustration and rage within a matter of two days?

Trust my arrogant colleague who I mentioned in  my previous post, to surprise you. He has been really tempting me to lose my temper in a BIG WAY the last few hours.

And how is it, that your brain chalks up an idea really good, but when you say it no one pays attention. But the moment the very same words emerge out of HIS 'royal' mouth, suddenly everyone's worshiping him and saying, "Yeah, you're right. What a great idea!"

I mean, how pathetic can he get stealing ideas, and look at my fate that HE's the one who gets all the credit! temper is on the verge of exploding on his face some day very soon.

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