Monday, 25 November 2013

Hello friends!

Greetings, my fellow women out there....

I just had a lot of thoughts pouring into me today at work - like getting frustrated, fighting my sleep deprived brain that was simply refusing to focus, getting the urge to smack an arrogant colleague in the head etc. etc....

And unfortunately the number of female staff here is quite less, and I just HAD to get people to share my thoughts with and listen to their own stuff.... there is nothing better to ease the mind than to find company in happiness / misery.....right?


No need to mention who you are or where you live or work...

but feel completely free to let the girl in you OPEN UP, share your thoughts no matter how you feel - silly/ angry/ happy/sad anything!

Post your views and experiences, and let the rest of us know what goes on through your day..........

Take this blog as a place where you can make other working women friends (even though we may not know each other yet), and hey, what better place to start than meeting each other from various parts of the world online?

So start posting! And enjoy!


  1. Hi friends,
    I'm behaving like a school kid nowadays.. Especially i hate mondays..
    i 'l get ready and i 'l sit sometime and will think whether to go office or not..
    This is happening everyday.... The higher level officials they never understand or encourage our views.
    They l use to send a dabba meeting and will speak about productivity loss for 2 3 hours..
    I l sit till 12 in office and they never care about a girl's safety... They l never give much appreciation for girls..
    Family members are scolding that i give much importance to my work.
    My manager says 'You just tell me you will give first preference only to your personal...'
    I don know what to do.. I lost my thirst to learn things.. I wanna run away to some place where i don know any one...

  2. hey Ramya....
    hope you don't have to stay that late today.... And if they don't seem to care about your safety, why don't a few of you take up the issue and talk to them about it?
    Take it up as an important suggestion / petition or something....
    They can't just ignore a subject like that.....

  3. It's utter waste to have discussion with HR or delivery head. That lady did not even take a single action when my friend complained about a harassment issue. How can i believe that she will create a solution for this... I have attending so many meetings to discuss team members concerns. It's of no use..

  4. This is horrible...Then how do they expect you to serve the company with dedication and sincerity? If the person in-charge of listening to employee's concerns is not doing his/her job, write a petition or something to have that person replaced by someone else to care for the employees