Thursday, 28 November 2013

Conflicting nature of Work

Hi readers...How's your day going?

I have just been presented with a conflicting situation and I have no idea how to resolve it. Right now, I NEED to do a task that involves not a huge amount of brain work but more amount of patience. It is more of a routine job that just has to be done and gotten over with.

And there is ANOTHER task that I desperately WANT to do - which involves actual learning and brain work on my part. But this is not as 'urgent' as my first task. And obviously I can't do some kind of parallel tasking since both require my complete concentration.

If I choose task 1, my soul will keep weeping for the rest of the day.
And if I pick task 2, my Bosses will make me weep for not having completed what was dutifully required from me for procedures' sake.

I just feel like pulling my hair....


  1. Hi... Do your first task for for 30 to 40 minutes. Take a very small break(5 minutes. Walk for five mins along with your colleague or have an energy drink). Split your second task into smaller parts and note it down. once your get refreshed do it for 15 to 20 mins. After that again you continue with your first one.Try this routine.. You can try this if you are very good at multitasking.. You can try to split your work with respect to morning/eve/noon time. Just we can choose wat work can be done with ease at what time.. In afternoons, we l not be feel fresh, at that time we can go for documentation or follow up kind of works that will not require any brain work.. I use to do like this.. I don know whether it will vary with respect to our field of work.I l be happy if this helps you.. Please share your comments for this so that i'l also get some change which will improve my work.. Thanks

  2. hi ramya

    thanks for your suggestion! Actually I tried to do parallel tasking but it didn't work. So finally I had to forgo one of the two and concentrate on the more time-critical task - though I felt very sad.